AngelaCFleming (angelanbobby01) wrote,

Peace~Love~Band-aids and my writing playlist......

Up early this morning despite the fact that it was the first day i could actually sleep in. My shower proved to be more dangerous than any shower should ever be. Now my pasty white-and in desperate need of a tan- legs are covered in bandages. On the bright side, if there can ever be a bright side to losing pints of blood just b/c i shaved, the bandaids make me look like i have a splotchy tan. Now that i'm clean and only slightly covered in gore, I am revising.....and revising........and revising. But i really feel like i'm making progress. Last night I revised seven chapters and a part that needed more than a little revision is almost finished too, and sparkling i might add. It took me about five hours(i think) but i did it and had a "Yay me" mini dance.

Then I watched one of my favorite shows and I was beyond excited that on Vampire Diaries this week they played one of my favorite songs "Brick by Boring Brick" by Paramore. I wish it was in my book playlist but alas it was not meant to be. Paramore is on there though, they are absolutelty essential for my creative process.

My playlist of songs keeps growing, but my book is over 130,000 words so i need a long playlist i guess and here it is my playlist as of today:
            Song                                      Artist

Ain't no rest for the wicked - Cage the Elephant
Headstrong                          - Trapt
Because of you                    - Kelley Clarkson(beginning)
My Hands                              - Leona Lewis(end)
Conspiracy, My Heart & My Hero - Paramore
Someday & Unwell              - Rob Thomas
Scars                                      -Papa Roach
All Around Me                        -Flyleaf
Just Like You                        -3 Days Grace
Dear Agony & Anthem of Angels- Breaking Benjamin
Blah,Blah,Blah                      -Ke$ha
The World I KNow                -Train

It could change in the next 5 min but as of right now that's where it stands. I <3 music.
Ok so I have work to do so I must go because IHTW-I have to write in IM

L8r~ Angela


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