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So I survived.....but my query letter may just kill me.

Yesterday was one year since my dad passed away. I still miss him dearly still, but there was something oddly peaceful standing at his graveside last night, like not as painful as i would have expected the year marker to be.
In other news I am making a playlist for my's awesome(if i do say so myself). It includes Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, Trapt, Leona Lewis, Rob Thomas....and so on. Now i just have to finish my revisions and write that terrifying query letter so i can (hopefully) get published one day. I think i've put as much thought into that single letter as i have my book. The synopsis is killing me, i've written 5. I just don't know what info i need to relay to my potential agent. is my baby boy's birthday. He is a whopping 6 years old. Where did they go?

More later when i'm not sneezing my head off. I HATE POLLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L8r G8r~ Angela

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