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If my friends saw the things i researched........they would think I had gone to the dark side.

So I have been researching things.......dark things, things that go bump in the night and give you chills just to think about them (insert evil laugh here).  What am I talking about? Ghosts. The funny thing is no one can agree they exist and no one can agree on how to eliminate them or if they even need eliminating in the first place, they are taboo, an oddity. My new ms needed certain elements so I unleashed the power of the internet and researched and researched and researched. What did I find out? I'm still sorting through that but I now know that burning sage and "smudging" your house is supposed to work. Also, incantations........yeah, those were interesting. Cool,  but weird.

I had a very nice text chat w/ an old friend yesterday. She gave me some ideas and we talked about old friends and old times. We're going to brainstorm sometimes on and idea she had......that was awesome and tied in w/ an idea i already had.

Tags: ghosts, ms, research

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