AngelaCFleming (angelanbobby01) wrote,

Glad I was not born a Cole in the late 1800's

The hubbs got bored so we went and drove around in the management area a while. He knows how I like OLD graveyards so we stopped at one, and let me just say....I'm glad i was not born a Cole. These people had kid after kid that died before they were twenty. Now I know that in the Late 19th and 20th centuries there were many reasons babies and kids died, but this was one child right after another after another that were born to the same parents.........clearly they needed a hobby that didn't include each other. Or maybe killing their offspring was a hobby. I dunno.. = {

On the plus side I found a Civil War soldier's grave. I know i'm weird. I like old stuff (certain old stuff). That's why I love visiting Louisiana, it's full of interesting historic things of that nature and their graves are above ground's creepy but fascinating.

Bobby picked me a beautiful bunch of wildflowers. Most of them were purple (Yay, I <3 purple). The management area is where we hung out when we were dating. It was the back way to Heflin (A.K.A. Hell-Fell-In).

I had a dream, the other day, that i was fishing.....DEEP SEA FISHING and these massive fish were diving in the boat with me. I was wearing a yellow raincoat and holding a harpoon as a weapon. Shawn and Gus from PSYCH were there and my husband was trying to get Shawn to lay down and let him draw a chalk line around him like on the commercial. Can you say 'Angela has been forced to watch too many SciFi and movies' ?

L8er from The Clumsy Girl.

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